Chief Tyler Allen Leads Region Through an Exciting Year!

On December 27, 2012, then section chief Tyler Allen made his second trip to the annual OA national planning meeting. One day later, he was elected as the 2013 northeast region chief, and has spent the last twelve months leading the region through a great year. In just a few days, Tyler will make the trip back to Dallas, TX for his third national planning meeting to end his term as region chief. It's not an easy job being region chief, but Tyler has excelled in the position and has been an excellent representative of the region.

After his term as region chief concludes, Tyler will serve as the first director of a new OA High Adventure program at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in 2014.

Shortly after being elected, the chief and region chairman Mark Chilutti met for a planning weekend in Philadelphia where they set goals, spent quality time together, and laid the groundwork for a year that would include two innovative and pilot events for the region. The first new event was a regional National Leadership Seminar Train the Trainer, and was held in February at Camp Alpine. Nine participants were chosen for this event and the staff, led by the region chief, worked to better prepare them for their role as NLS staff members. The event was a huge success and each of the NER seminars this year had better prepared staff members because of it.

LK3Summit 13 26In March, Allen attended his first Northeast Region board meeting, where he and Chilutti announced the 10 lodges that were chosen to receive $60,000 in service grants to help rebuild and repair their council camps that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy. This was one of the best reports ever given at a board meeting and helped those in attendance appreciate the great work of the Order of the Arrow. 

The first 2013 Northeast Region NLS & NLATS training was held in March at Camp Alpine and both events went really well. In April, an NLS staff visited Camp Squanto for another seminar well done. 

The chief then joined the other national officers in May for the BSA National Annual Meeting in Texas. In addition to working the OA booth, he represented all Arrowmen at the regional luncheon. At that luncheon, Allen and Chilutti presented the National Service Awards and E.Urner Goodman Camping Awards.

After visiting and participating in Conclaves throughout May and June, Allen left Pennsylvania for his first of two OA High Adventure trips. He returned home, had a few days to rest, and then headed down to West Virginia to staff the OA exhibit at the national BSA Jamboree. After the jamboree was done, he spent a few days at home, and then headed out for another high adventure experience.

The fall kept Tyler and the region busy too, as we had the 3rd in September. Tyler, along with his closest friends Raymond Cheung and Jordan Hughes, led a great session for section chiefs while also enhancing the rest of the program. The theme for the weekend was “Your Piece of the Puzzle,” and the strong program helped each attendee better understand the role that they play in their sections.

LK3Summit 13 01One of the highlights of the year was our first ever Region Key 3 Summit that took place at Alpine in October. Over 40 lodges were represented and Allen kicked things off with a great show. His interview with past national OA chairman Dr. Carl Marchetti set the tone for an amazing weekend.

At the end of October the chief flew to Salt Lake City for the regional board meetings, and two weeks later conducted his last events of the year as we held our sold out NLS & NLATS at Camp Alpine. It was an amazing weekend and marked a record 6th Besides these regional and national events the chief attended lodge and section events throughout the year, managed to keep up his training as a cross-country runner, and also did well in both semesters of college during his term!

It’s not an easy job being a region chief. Tyler Allen made sure he did his best everything he was involved with, and always added an element of fun and enthusiasm wherever he traveled. He brought out the best in everyone he worked with, and made all of those who have watched him grow through the years as a leader proud. While his term as region chief has come to a close, there is a lot more excitement and service ahead for Allen, including serving as the first director of the new Order of the Arrow high adventure program at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in 2014. The Northeast Region is incredibly proud of Tyler Allen and grateful to him for his dedicated service as our 2013 Region Chief.

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