OA Adviser Training at the Philmont Training Center

Lodge Advisers - Have you attended the OA Adviser Training at the Philmont Training Center? Did you know that such a course exists? If not, you should considering attend this year! This fantastic course is highly customizable based on the needs of its participants, allows trainers and participants to dig deeply into burning issues, and even offers time to soak in the beauty of Philmont! Additionally, the Northeast Region is proud to offer five scholarships of $200 each for lodge advisers and associate lodge advisers to help defray the program cost. To find out more about the program and read a testimonial from one of our very own Northeast Region lodge advisers, click on the "Read More" link below.


My Fellow Advisers…

A year ago when I was asked to become the next Nentico Lodge Adviser, I thought to myself … I need to get all the training and knowledge that I can soak in prior to my new job starting on January 1, 2014.  Coincidentally I was looking at myscouting.org and saw the link for the Philmont Training Center – curiously I clicked on the page to see what they had to offer.  Now I had been on 2 treks to the back-country, but didn’t know a lot about PTC.  While scanning the list of programs offered I saw the Order of the Arrow Adviser Training – I knew that I needed to take this course!  I quickly checked my calendar to see if the dates would work, and was happy to see that I was free that week.  I spoke to a two advisers in our Lodge to find out that they were interested in attending too.  Excited about this, I started planning my travel and quickly registered for the course. 

Email communication started right away from the staff, letting us know that the class was filling quickly with lots of eager advisers.  The day finally came to head out for a week at the beautiful Philmont ranch – we were arriving a day early to do a little sight-seeing of the beautiful land.  Check-in to Tent City was smooth – got to my “home for the week” and settled in. Yay…we finally made it!  The Opening Show on Sunday evening was great, and I was ready for Monday morning to start.  36 Advisers taking this class – Wow!  Lots of experience in this room!  The instructors were friendly and filled with tons of information that they were eager to share with all of us.  I started to take notes so that I would remember every word that they offered – suddenly pages of notes scribbled on my note pad … Holy Cow – how am I going to do this job!   What I realized was that even experienced Lodge Advisers were in this course with me, which made me feel like I had to talk to as many of them as I could to ask questions and take in all the advice they had to offer.  The instructors shared a lot of personal experience, and plenty of good information, all combined with a week of fun. 

Each night as I would settle in my “home” for the evening I would go over my notes and add a star by the things that I wanted to remember and/or ask more about the next day.  During meals, our group from Baltimore shared our thoughts, and that the most experienced to the newest all were getting NEW and helpful information!  All this new knowledge …in the beautiful land of Philmont, what more could I ask for?  We spent our free afternoon venturing out to a few camps to bring back the memories of being on the trails. 

I would recommend the course to ALL advisers – from the newest to the most experienced. I promise you that you will come home with that Wow factor, your Scouting spirit pumped up, plus lots of notes, and ideas on what you would like to implement in your Lodge.  Take the time for yourself, and your Lodge to attend this course – I promise you, it’ll be worth it!!


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