About the Northeast Region Chief


Matt Bell

2015 Northeast Region Chief

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Lodge: Ah'Tic Lodge

Council: Bucktail

Hometown: Bigler, PA

Age: 18


Matt is an Eagle Scout from Troop 9 of Clearfield Pennsylvania. Prior to his service as a section chief, Matt was a two term lodge vice chief of administration and a term as lodge chief. Matt is currently a freshman at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Geology with a dual concentration in engineering and soil and water conservation. He hopes to someday hold down a job that gets him outdoors and making a difference in preserving the natural world, in which he spends most of his free time. When he isn't Scouting, Matt enjoys (attempting) playing the ukulele and rock climbing.

What is your most memorable Scouting experience?

My most memorable Scouting experience would have to be having the opportunity to call out my brother Justin for the Vigil Honor, as well as participate in his Vigil Ceremony. My brother has been a huge supporter for me in Scouting, as well as someone who is always there with a smile when things may not be going just right. Having to have the opportunity to see him grow throughout the Cub Scout program with me, all the way to earning his Eagle Scout Award have been heartwarming moments in my life, I could never be here without him.

What is the most valuable skill you've learned and developed through Scouting?

The most valuable skill I have learned through my time in Scouting is the empowerment of others. There is a huge difference when it comes to leaders, between those who empower those they lead, and those they assign to do a task. The latter may reach the goal, but the former can change the world.

Would you like to share any thoughts with the Arrowmen of the Northeast Region?

Together, we have a unique opportunity in 2015 to leave our mark on the Order, and what we want it to be in the years to come. It is our time to spread and strengthen the reach of the Order that we all fell in love with at one point in our lives. I am honored to serve you as the 2015 Northeast Region Chief as we move through our centennial year. Finally, remember, it starts with us.



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