Conclave Recaps

Conclave Recap | Section NE-4A


On June 5-7, Section NE-4A held their conclave at Custaloga Town Scout Reservation. The event was serviced by Langundowi Lodge of French Creek Council. A total of 211 people attended this great event, including special guests Travis Cunningham, Jamie Shearer, Tanner Lashinsky, and 2015 Northeast Region Chief Matt Bell. The theme of the weekend was “Blast from the Past”.

This theme was carried out well through a connected opening show and closing show. Trainings included sessions about public speaking, event planning, environmental conservation and Order of the Arrow High Adventure. A favorite of the NE-4A conclave is the yearly swamp-a-thon. This event pits a lodge chief and his adviser in a canoe with a five-gallon bucket. The goal of this battle is to fill the canoe of opposing lodge chiefs’ canoes with water until it sinks. The battle was brutal, but in the end, every canoe sank and the arrowman swam to shore. 


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Northeast Region

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