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Conclave Recap | Section NE-6B

The 2015 NE-6B centennial conclave, hosted by Gunneukitschik Lodge, kicked off a fantastic summer of celebration in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Members of NE-6B were joined by 2015 National Vice Chief Donnie Stephens, NLS trainer Justin Crisafulli, 

Section NE-2B Chief Chris Boyle, Section NE-3B Keith Roscoe and Section SR-7A Chief Andrew Sorenson for a weekend of excellent fun and fellowship. The weekend started off with an entertaining show to prelude the persisting theme of a tie to our past

 that the weekend was all about. With a good night’s rest and an even better breakfast, guests started the day off right. Morning training featured a huge boost, with more than double the available sessions of past years being offered across the camp. Participants learned everything from How to Plan an Event, to Incorporating the Boys in Blue in their programs.

Lunch soon rolled right into the afternoon’s activities, which were filled with friendly competition. Whether lodge’s competed together in games like ultimate frisbee and tug-of-war, or guests competed solo in “closest to the pin”, plenty of activities were available for everyone to enjoy. After dinner, the youth and adults split up to attend their respective forums. 

The youth went to meet the candidates who ran for section office, and the adults heard from key speakers such as Donnie Stephens and Section Adviser Brian Kline. As the sun set, the evening show began. With a beautiful rendition of the Order’s first ceremony and a presentation of the section’s Centurion Award recipients as some highlights, the show brought forth elements of our proud past before a candlelight walk to a prelude of the future conclave. From here, the fellowship feast began. 

Each lodge brought forth a few games and snacks, and the Cub Scout promotional pinewood derby game was run. The winners of the charity auction for Fulton County had the opportunity to pie their lodge chiefs in the face among other cool showcases.

The next morning as everyone prepared to depart, the section business meeting was held to distribute awards to winners of the section’s Triple Crown Communication’s Challenge, the afternoon games, and other competitions, as well as to elect section officers. Congratulations to Section Chief Brendan Olivera, Vice Chief Vaughn Golden, and Secretary Ryan Johnston who will serve the section in the 2015-2016 year. Section NE-6B looks forward to seeing brothers next year at Camp Tuckahoe for the 2016 conclave featuring exciting STEM program affectionately nicknamed STEM-clave.



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