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New NLS Program

By Michael McDevitt

The National Leadership Seminar (NLS) is the Order of the Arrow’s (OA) premier training course for Arrowmen across the country. This course is held at the region level, with Arrowmen coming together from all across the Northeast Region. It is led by section chiefs from the region and some of the national officers. These leaders are some of the best the region has to offer, and they are highly trained on how to teach and lead the course. The next NLS will be held from March 9-11 at the Alpine Scout Camp in Alpine, New Jersey. Alpine is in the Greater New York Council, and has been the home for the Northeast Region NLS for many years, due to its relatively central location in the region. If you cannot make the March weekend, don’t worry, there are two other NLS weekends in 2018 for the Northeast Region. The second one is April 20-22 at the Hidden Valley Scout Camp in Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire. This weekend is geared towards those Scouts who live in the New England area of the region, who may have a difficult time driving down to New Jersey. The third NLS weekend is in the fall, back at Alpine Scout Camp, from November 9-11. At these courses, Arrowman will learn leadership skills that they can use to further advance their Chapter, Lodge and the Boy Scouts of America community. It is designed for leaders, both youth and adult. The purpose of this course is to provide the leaders in the Order of the Arrow with the most up-to-date information and to give them the confidence in themselves to benefit others and to become a better leader. This course is both a challenging, but rewarding training course. Arrowmen will spend much of time learning about the keys to success in being a leader, and how to improve and impact their lodge as a whole. The leaders who attend will join in brotherhood and fellowship with one another while creating new friendships which will last a lifetime. As the Order of the Arrow is entering a new century of service and striving towards providing the best leadership they can to the Arrowmen, they have revised the NLS program to make it better than ever. Although the goals of the course are the same, some of the leadership points have been updated to provide the Arrowmen with a more in-depth look about how to be a successful leader. If you are interested in attending the National Leadership Seminar, contact your lodge chief or lodge adviser to let them know you are interested, and they will assist you in registering for the weekend. If you are interested in being a future leader in the Order of the Arrow, or looking to advance yourself in your leadership abilities, then attending NLS is a must. 

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