The Compass Point

NOAC 2018

By Matt Pedrosa

This upcoming summer, the Order of the Arrow will be hosting its largest event, the National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC). NOAC is much like the National Scout Jamboree, but for Arrowmen. NOAC is the largest gathering of Arrowman from all over the nation to rekindle their passion for both Scouting and brotherhood in the Order of the Arrow (OA), participate in world class training and to meet other dedicated Arrowmen. This year’s conference is July 30th - August 4th at Indiana University located in Bloomington, Indiana. The theme for NOAC 2018 is “Decide Your Destiny” and is designed to show Arrowmen they have the power to choose where they want their life to take them. One of the major differences between NOAC and Jamboree are the living accomodations. Arrowmen attending NOAC will be housed in the dormitories on campus, which gives a unique experience versus other high-adventure Scouting programs. There are two avenues that Arrowmen can choose to experience NOAC; either as a participant or as a staff member. Most Arrowmen usually go to NOAC as a participant, and most lodge’s will likely have a contingent attending. If Arrowmen are interested in attending NOAC in 2018, visit for further information on how to Decide your Destiny at NOAC 2018!

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