The Compass Point

Chiefly Speaking: Perspective

By Justin St. Louis

Brothers, As the snow begins to melt, and the sun stays out a little bit longer, I’m often reminded of my OA Wilderness Voyage experience in the great north woods this past summer. I distinctly remember a pink sky, the water was calm, and the stars plentiful as darkness fell. The vast wilderness was overwhelmingly peaceful and the adventure was equally challenging. Of the entire trip, one day in particular sticks out above the rest. As the mosquitos swarmed, the swamp rose up to our knees, and sun continued to swelter - we were heavily engaged in our monotonous service project. It was challenging to maintain a cheerful spirit while in less than favorable conditions. When it was time for the evening trip back to our campsite, our crew was all rather tired and felt discouraged from the events of the day. Our exhaustion led to a lack of effort in food preparation and resulted in a burnt meal. Calling it “dinner” would be generous, but after we were finished, our Foreman prompted us to meet him lakeside on the beach. On the trek to the shore, no one spoke, we were miserable. It just didn’t feel like things could get any worse. When we arrived to the water, he stopped, and then we stopped, we looked up at him, and in the most solemn tone, he said just two words: look up. Upon gazing into the sky….our mindset changed entirely. There were more stars than any of us had ever seen. Whatever mountain you’ve climbed, whatever canoe you’ve paddled, whatever stars you’ve surveyed - the power of one idea is the difference between staring at your boots in regret or staring at the stars in wonder. We’ll always be faced with challenges. At each junction we’re presented with a choice to let it stop us or to choose to overcome it. Sometimes, just like my foreman did for me, it’s a matter of changing perspective. As Arrowmen, we have the ability to change perspective in our chapters and our lodges by focusing on what’s important. Throughout the coming year, I look forward to meeting with new people, learning about new programs, and gathering new perspectives. My principal goal is to use these insights to orient the region program to support your lodges and chapters as you conduct unit elections, attempt to create meaningful induction weekends, and strive to retain and engage youth membership. See you on the trail! With eyes to the sky,

Justin D. St. Louis Northeast Region Chief @OANorthChief This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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