The Compass Point

Pamola Lodge Banquet

By Nicholas Prins

On Saturday, January 6th, Pamola Lodge held their annual lodge banquet at Jeff's Catering in Brewer Maine. Attending the banquet were, among others, distinguished guests Section Secretary Ryan Palmer, and Guest Speaker, Program Specialist, and Facilitator at Maine Boys to Men, Ryan Tardiff. After introductions, attendees had the option of chicken or lasagna as an included dinner, with whoopie pies served as dessert. Next on the agenda, Section Secretary Ryan Palmer promoted the Maine High Adventure, NOAC, new NLS Program, and Lodge Excellence Summit and talked about Florida Sea Base. The crowd was very involved and interested in the discussion. Finally, on the promotional aspect, the 2018 Host Lodge Coordinator for Pamola Lodge, Nick Prins, talked about the opportunity to staff the Annual Sectional Gathering, the New England Fellowship formerly known as Conclave. “It is a once in a lifetime experience for me to have the honor to represent Pamola lodge, hosting NEF at Camp Roosevelt,” said Nick. “As the rotation only comes around every 10 years, this will be the only chance to staff as a youth and make a difference to help show how amazing our camp is.” During the banquet, 2017 Lodge Chief Alex Taylor-Lash, tapped out two members of the Brotherhood Ceremony Team to receive their Vigil Honor. Next was a father and son trio, Scoutmaster and Section NE-1 Program Coordinator, Chapter Chief and Ceremonies Chairman received the Arrowman of the year award in gratitude for everything they have done and will continue to do for Pamola. The brand new 2018 Lodge officers were inaugurated at the banquet. Congratulations to Chief Luke C, Vice Chief William B, VC of Comms Joey M, and VC of Finance Noah Y. We wish you the best in your new roles! At the end of the banquet, Lodge Adviser Lester Stackpole inspired the entire audience. He had every member stand and said “If you have been a member of the OA for less than 5 years sit down.” After about 3⁄4 of the youth sat down, he said “10 years.” Now all youth were sitting. He continued to go up by tens, slowly but surely until he got to 50 years, with just 5 old advisers standing. Then Lester said, “If you have been a member of the OA for less than 60 years sit down.” Only one Arrowman stayed standing: Fred Otto, who has been a continuously serving member of Pamola Lodge for over 65 years, and has continued his service by helping our American Indians Affair Team. Fred is truly an inspiration to all. This was a very special event, and Pamola Lodge promises to continue their service just like Fred. Pamola Lodge says “That because of members like Fred, it shows that the heart of the Order will always be a spark in the lives of others.”

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