The Compass Point

Passaconaway Lodge Banquet

By Jessie Cote

The 75th year of Passaconaway Lodge brought a lot of new to a dedicated group of arrowmen that have been providing cheerful service for nearly a century now. Accomplishments were reached such as Gold Journey to Excellence for the second year in a row, donating $18,000 to local Scout camps, hosting the NE-1 New England Fellowship, finishing their trading post, and much, much more. To commemorate such a great year, Passaconaway Lodge decided to do something they haven’t done in years - hold a lodge banquet. Rather than holding it at Camp Carpenter Cub World (the traditional location of the event), they decided to spice things up and bring the celebration to the Southern New Hampshire University campus. Upon arrival, you would be greeted by many faces and hand clasps during a brief time of fellowship. Following this was an amazing meal, and then came what everyone was there for - the award ceremony. Daniel Webster Council Scout Executive Jay Garee started the ceremony off with a bang, delivering an incredible speech about his history in Scouting. A highlight from his speech was when he accurately described Scouting as “like-minded people doing awesome activities,” and later reminded us through quoting E. Urner Goodman that “our obligation as Arrowmen is to support the unit.” This speech was a great start to the rest of the ceremony, which sparked a strong passion for Scouting in some of the newer faces to the OA and rekindled the flame for many others. A large selection of people was recognized for their great accomplishments in the past year, but a few stood out from the rest. An award created by Passaconaway Lodge was presented for its second year. It is proudly named the Arrowmen of the Year Award and is considered prestigious among the brothers in the lodge. Lodge Lay Adviser Andy Richardson says the purpose of the award is to “recognize the awesome scouts that come to all the events and hoist a cheerful spirit, not necessarily the ones that hold big positions.” Both an adult and youth are given this honor. The recipients for 2017 were adult member Ron Moore, who was an essential component of finishing the lodge trading post, and youth member Jack Richard, who is best known for his cheerful spirit and eagerness to help others at all costs. Another notable award recognized at the ceremony was the Founder’s Award, given to those who render exceptional service to the lodge. The two recipients of this award were adult member and Lodge Lay Adviser Andy Richardson, who was introduced as a helpful and cheerful Scout since he was young, and youth member Alex Swan. Alex has lots of nicknames and jokes that surround him in the lodge, but you can bet your patches that the word “lazy” is not in one of them. He is known as “award-winning Alex” by many, and a joke has often been told that if Alex didn’t come to a lodge executive board meeting, they would have to cancel, considering he chaired a whopping six committees within the lodge. Overall, the lodge banquet was a huge success. Fellowship was had, food was eaten, root beer was consumed, and even the Passaconaway Lodge’s acclaimed mascot Conway made an appearance. This amazing night shed light on another bright year of brotherhood and cheerful service in the granite state. The night described by Lodge Chief Grant Richardson, “Very successful and I’m very happy to have this amazing event back.”

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