OAHA Scholarship Recipients Awarded

The Northeast Region is proud to announce the three recipients of the Order of the Arrow High Adventure Scholarship. In an effort to provide monetary assistance to arrowman across the region interested in attending OAHA, the scholarship allows arrowman to attend any one of the four national high adventure bases. The scholarship is specifically reserved for those individuals who exhibit interest and service as well as a future commitment to the Order in their home lodges and sections.

In order to be awarded a scholarship, a candidate must meet four requirements:

1. Must be a first time participant in the OAHA program prior to the submission of the application

2. Must have paid lodge dues for the upcoming year

3. Must have approval from the lodge adviser.

4. Must meet all requirements and be admitted to an OAHA program.

This year the Northeast Region is proud to announce the three recipients: AJ Morneo, Joe Donahue, and Davis Kellogg.

AJ is a brotherhood member of Octoraro Lodge 22 in NE-6B, a life scout, and currently serves his lodge as their Trail Crew Committee chairman, where he coordinates a program similar to the OA trail crew program at his council’s home camp. AJ has been called a “shining example of diligence and hard work…”. Awarded the scholarship to attend the Trail Crew program, AJ hopes that the skills he learns at Philmont will help him be a more effective Trail Crew Committee Chairman.

The second recipient of the scholarship is Joe Donahue, the Ajepu Lodge Chief, a Vigil Honor member and Eagle Scout. Joe has attended NOAC, NLS, and currently serves on the national OA Communications Team. Planning on attending OA Wilderness Voyage, the domestic Northern Tier OAHA program, Joe hopes that this scholarship will allow him to best bring closure to his time as a youth in the Order.

Lastly, Davis Kellogg, the Amangamek-Wipit Lodge Chief applied to the scholarship in order to aid him in earning his triple crown, in one summer. Davis, in addition to his role as lodge chief, serves on the NLS staff as the communications coordinator and has recently joined the national OA Communications Team. Specifically, Davis plans on using the scholarship to finish his summer with a bang at Florida Sea Base and Ocean Adventure.

If you are interested in attending OAHA and acquiring scholarship funds for it, submit an application! The region is currently accepting applications for scholarship money during the 100th anniversary, 2015.

The region would like to wish all of the scholarship recipients good luck in their adventurous endeavors this summer, and encourage all others to apply today.

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Northeast Region

Justin St. Louis

Northeast Region

Bob Chaballa

Northeast Region
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