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Conclave Recap | Section NE-5A

Honoring our theme of “Our Traditions Build the Future”, during the weekend of June 12-14 the 2015 NE-5A Conclave of the Lodges of New Jersey and Puerto Rico united at Camp Turrell to welcome in the next century of cheerful service.

As the morning mist began to clear, the second day of conclave began. After breakfast, the conclave was set into motion, moving along Turrell’s trails in search of training sessions of all kinds, ranging from the foundations of our Order’s lore to the use of social media to increase lodge outreach. We had the chance to enjoy our time at camp, at the place where a rainy day will be infinitely better than a normal day at home.

Shotguns, rifles, bows, mountain bikes and fervent sportsmanship, what would summer camps be without these essentials. After spending some time on more serious topics, the occasion to kick back and enjoy time with our brothers on the asphalt court, or the grass on which Frisbees fell. Our senses were provoked by the impressive kick of a shotgun shell exiting the barrel, the jumping up and down on a mountain bike, or the jab of a giant foam baton, and we loved every minute of it. Playing with new and old friends lifted our spirits, as we heard bagpipes playing and the hubbub that followed, nothing else was needed, we were content at our home.

The Sunday meeting came and the official business of the section was conducted. As speeches were heard and candidates measured before the forum of brothers, the elections progressed. At the end of the day, the final tallies were made. The 2015-2016 NE-5A section officers are: Rodrigo Cordova, Blake Krehely, and Steven Murset (chief, vice chief, and secretary, respectively). As our time at Camp Turrell comes to a close, we remember the events that shaped this weekend, those which have enriched our vigor in the Order and brought meaning to the word brotherhood. After all the patch auctions, celebration cake, and a concert by Six Stories Told, little of what was experienced can be expressed through the written word. Nevertheless, the only words which could possibly come to mind are “at Conclave, we saw our Order come alive, it became the embodiment of who we all are, more than some who shared an experience, but rather a family, brothers who will continue to strive for cheerful service in each other’s company. Brothers will help one another until the end, and so shall we, working towards bettering our lodges and section, as well as bettering ourselves.” 


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